Villa Irlanda Grand Hotel

The History

An authentic jewel of elegance and style, set between hills rich of Mediterranean vegetation and the waters of the Gulf of Gaeta , Villa Irlanda Grand Hotel provides an exclusive environment where ancient roman villas and intimate holiday locations have been, throughout history, the main feature of the romantic coastlines. It counts five historical buildings for a total of 49 double rooms of which 5 are representative suites and two are accessible to disables.

The hotel complex buildings are surrounded by a 60 000 square metres park that have regained their magnificence thanks to a meticulous restoration, undertaken by the family who today manages it, which healed the last world wide war damages.

The architecture, today brought back to its antique splendour, tells ancient tales and transports one’s imagination back to the 1st century B.C. The hotel sits upon the Gulf of Gaeta facing the sunrise in the area known as “Arcella”, convenientlyreached by the Via Flacca.

  1. The “Reception”; which rised from the walls of a roman villa belonged to Marco Filippo, Ottaviano Augusto the emperor’s father, in the 1st century B.C.
  2. The “Villa”; in neoclassic style, built in 1912 by Count Stenbock, cousin of the last Russian Tsar.
  3. The “Convent”; built in year 1930 by the Irish Pontifical College as a spiritual retirement place.
  4. The “Nun’s House”; rural house wholly decorated with hand painted ceramics.
  5. The “Orange’s House”; built in Liberty style in the year 1900, which still preserves the delightful atmosphere of the ancient country houses.

The inside architecture of the buildings, along with the luxurious yards surrounding them, can today narrate ancient events carrying the guests’ imagination all the way to the 1st century B.C.

The Hotel disposes of a private indoor parking counting 150 places; an Olympic outdoor swimming pool for kids and a solarium .
The whole complex is placed along the east coast of Gaeta . Just a short walk away, one finds the beach.

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