Villa Irlanda Grand Hotel


The Villa is a neo-classic styled building built at the beginning of the 19th century by Earl Stenbock Fermor, a Russian officer of the Cossack Regiment related to the last Tsar and Military Attaché to the Russian embassy in . During one of his frequent trips to our country, he was fascinated by the beauty of the Gulf of Gaeta and particularly by the area of Arcella where one could still admire precious traces of ancient Rome .

A cultivator of art, antiquity and natural beauty, he decided to settle down with his family here and, between 1907 and 1912, he had the Villa built, according to his own designs, upon the beautiful Roman cryptoporticus which can still be visited and admired in all its particular beauty. Projecting his residence, the Earl took advantage of all his aesthetic and technical experience acquired in many years of travel. For example he ordered the construction of an irrigation system, very innovative for those times, based on techniques already used by the ancient Romans, of which there are still a few traces here and there in the hotel’s garden.

Villa Marina, as it was then known, represented for many years one of the most significant poles of the everyday life, hosting, with elegant and exclusive parties, the most well-known and well-to-do families of Gaeta and Formia. After the restoration works, thirteen rooms were built in the Villa, floored with parquet, elegantly furnished and- like all the other rooms of the Villa Irlanda Grand Hotel- equipped with air conditioning; mini-bar; television with satellite reception; radio and direct-line telephone.

Five of the thirteen rooms are representation suites, each of which has two floors, connected by means of internal autonomous staircase. The halls are floored with inlaid marble, as is the room on the ground floor, where Earl Stenbock hosted his guests. This room, now called Sala Goethe, is used as a meeting room able to receive seventy people. Nevertheless, in summer time, when wedding banquets are held in the hotel restaurant room, Sala Goethe resumes its original function of dining room where the hotel guests can enjoy our menus in an elegant and exclusive atmosphere.

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