Villa Irlanda Grand Hotel

Orange’s House

The Orange ’s House is in the inner part of the park on the further side from the coastline, almost at the border line with the vegetable width=100% cultivated fields which extend all the way to the sides of hills covered with thick woods and Mediterranean vegetation. This Structure is surrounded by a delicate and delightful fruit scent coming from the surrounding trees and from the spontaneous vegetation that covers the north side of the hill beyond.

The natural and delicate colours and materials used in making the front face of the construction such as the rock arches that outline the entrances, the wooden decoration that follow along the gutter of the characteristical attics, the ancient tower shaped dove house made out of bricks and its liberty styled architecture, allowed the structure to preserve the delightful atmosphere that characterized the ancient country houses in the end of the 8th century.

The Orange ’s House disposes of 9 double rooms which could become, when necessary, communicating in groups of two or three as little autonomous apartments.

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