Villa Irlanda Grand Hotel


Those who plan to spend their holidays in Gaeta as guests at “Villa Irlanda Grand Hotel” have decided to ensure themselves a lovely stay on the shores of the gulf of the same name, full of golden-sandy beaches and wonderful coves. They have decided to stay in one of the most charming, historical, cultural Italian towns.


The sea

Our Hotel guests will receive 10% discount on rental daily rates of sun umbrellas, deckchairs, beach loungers at a number of beach resorts located on the east and west coasts of the town.
The sailing club “L’officina dei venti” is just a few steps away. It offers the following courses:
– Windsurfing and sailing training courses for children;
– Beginner windsurfing, sailing, catamaran, diving training courses for young people and adults;
– Intermediate/Advanced training courses;
– Diving or Sailing one-to-one classes with qualified trainers are available on request.
Courses are held from May to September.
Our Hotel guests will receive 10% discount on the rate of the Club services.
It is possible to hire motorboats to reach suitable places for diving or the small bays on the coast.
For further information about the Gulf of Gaeta visit
For further information about the surrounding areas


The swimming pools

There are two swimming pools at the Villa Irlanda Grand Hotel. One of the two pools is an Olympic -size swimming pool and is mainly used for swimming. It has a rectangular dock. It is from 1.4 mt. to 1.7 mt. deep. It is connected to a second dock provided with the Jacuzzi system which is aimed at children. It is circular and 0.65mt deep. The bathing area includes pools and solarium and it is surrounded by a hedge with some entrance passages.
Guests have exclusive access to the swimming pool from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m..
The hotel staff will be available to provide guests with beach loungers, deckchairs and small tables under the shade of sun umbrellas on the pool edge or in the park meadow. Children under 12 years must be accompanied by parents in order to access to the swimming pool. Guests are not allowed to have meals in the swimming pool area but they can eat fruit, ice-creams and drink all sorts of beverages.There are no extra fees for using beach loungers, deckchairs and sun umbrellas.


Excursions – Day trips

Villa Irlanda Grand Hotel is a suitable location from where you can set off for several destinations. It is nearby railway stations and motorways connected to Rome and Naples and it takes just 5 minutes to get the port where ferries and hydrofoils leave to Ponza and Ventotene.
Pompei, Napoli, Caserta,Montecassino Abbey, Capri, Ischia, Ponza, Ventotene, Sperlonga, Fossanova Abbey,the Gardens of Ninfa,Natural Parks of Circeo, Gianola and Mount Orlando are easily reachable from the hotel by either private or public means of transport. There are also guided tours available upon request.
Those who prefer walking around will enjoy the beach of Vindicio, the waterfront of Gaeta, typical alleys , palaces in the historical centre or the amazing Montagna Spaccata (Split Mountain) which is an impressive cleft in the rock. It is said that at the time of Jesus’ death the mountain was split by an earthquake, forming 3 deep vertical crevices. One of these is known as the Turk’s Grotto. A legend tells that a Turk (Saracen pirate) refused to believe in Jesus’ deity, and in the fact that the split of the mountain was caused by his death unless he could put his hand into the rock. In that instant the rock liquefied under his hand and his imprint can still be seen.
Visitors are fascinated by the mystery enveloping the place and the rough sea hitting the rocks.

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