Villa Irlanda Grand Hotel

Conferences and Meetings

For us here at Villa Irlanda Grand Hotel the words ‘meeting’ and ‘conference’ are never associated with tedious hours spent in dreary rooms. Rather, our every effort is geared towards creating the true spirit of these gatherings productivity, inspiration and interaction in an ambient designed to take the stress out of your work. To work at one’s best you need of an ambient pure and undisturbed, conducive to the high levels of concentration required for any successful meeting and we are sure to provide just that for business wishing to organise small to medium congresses, meetings and courses.

Size and Capacity of Conference Halls

  • Belvedere: min 16 max 30 people – Plan
  • Ottaviano: min 26 max 70 people – Plan
  • Goethe: min 22 max 90 people – Plan
  • Ciborio: min 30 max 150 people – Plan
  • Saletta colloqui: 10 people – Plan
  • Exposition Areas inside: 4000 mq
  • Exposition Areas inside: 1000 mq

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Available equipment

  • area
  • Amplifier with fixed microphone
  • Flipcharts
  • Illuminated pointers
  • Carousel Projector
  • Direct phone lines
  • Projection screen (2×2 m)
Equipment on Request

  • Projector high definition 2500 Lux connectable with computer
  • Microphones of all kinds
  • CD-DVD-DAT-MD Revox tape
  • registration work
  • Simultaneous translation system




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